Brave Voices Poetry Journal 67 (FREEDOM VOICES PRIZE) defines the beginning of Freedom Voices Poetry Prize .The Prize seeks to promote tolerance, human rights, freedom of expression and creative resilience among people through poetry by poets of all ages in Africa and beyond. The contest is an experiment of what we want to achieve as a Republik of poetry this year and in the forthcoming years. The deadline of submissions is the 5th of October 2019 and many poets has since contributed through the MiomboPublishing Page and the requisite email address. The Prize also seeks to motivate and cultivate poetry writing talent.

NEXT SUBMISSION: Brave Voices Poetry Journal 67: Paying Tribute to Unique Heroes and Heroines and their Uniqueness
An Ode for Cadres of resistance ( Human Rights , anti-imperialistic , antiapartheid , freedom of expression , fight for political justice , right to economic justice and right to social inclusion)
Ken Saro Wiwa for movement for the survival of Ogoni people ( Nigeria)
Dedan Kimathi (Kenyan liberation struggle)
Steve Biko (fighting inequalities in South African apartheid)
Lookout Masuku (fighting for political justice in Zimbabwe)
Charles Dambudzo Marechera (PenSlinger of Truth in Zimbabwe)
Ambuya Nehanda (medium spirit of Chimurenga (war of liberation) in Zimbabwe)
Ruth First (South African fighter for civil rights)
Winnie Madikizela Mandela (Fighter for political and economic rights in South Africa)
Itai Dzamara ( fighter for human rights and freedom of expression in Zimbabwe)
Freedom Nyamubaya( gunslinger during war of liberation ,poet against dictatorship regime in Zimbabwe)
Submission Guidelines
1. Post the poem on miombopublishing Facebook page
2. Or email
3. Do not send attachments , send your poem in the body of mail , include your 5 line short profile
4. For any question please contact the Curator at
5. Send well edited or complete pieces for consideration
6. Three best poems will get prizes and their profiles will be featured in a more broader E-zine .
7. Read our previous journals at, so that you get more clues of our style.
8. Submission deadline is the 5th of October 2019

After submissions – A selection team will select a long list of 15 poems
The long list will be made public by the curator
A selected will prune the long list to the shortlist of 10 poems
3 of the short listed poets and their poems are to win prizes and are announced early December 2019
All 10 shortlisted poems will be published in the Brave Voices Poetry Journal, their profiles will be featured in the first new look Brave Voices Poetry Journal
The Freedom Voices Prize will be opened every September of every year and winners announced every December of every year

Selection Team and judges remain anonymous and are to be unveiled at every completion of every stage
For more information email at



its a bimonthly poetry of resistance journal  founded to strengthen the voices  of firstly Zimbabwean poets and then African poets and now it has become  a global  poetry platform of literary activism and freedom of expression published under MiomboPublishing( . Poets and Short Fiction Writers are required to   send two or  three poems per Call , a five line short profile and two head and shoulder pictures with the size not more than 100kb.The submission should be in line with  the current theme. The poems should not be more than twenty lines each .In some  instances  poems can be  submitted  through  Facebook Groups 100 Thousand poets for Peace- Zimbabwe and MiomboPublishing  .Poets must also submit through with ” SUBMISSION CALL NAME, NAME OF THE POET as  Subject Reference.


ALL TIME OF THE POET PROFILES are by invitation  from the CURATOR . The major objective is to grow unity among poets , to promote inspiration , readership and exchange among poets across the globe  .Most of these poets to be featured here are sometimes widely published , leaders of poetry movements, founders of festivals  , publishers and internationally acclaimed . Submissions are done through  miombopublishing email