Cassandra Swan ,Poetry Artist Extraordinaire.

TIME  OF THE POET REPUBLIC features a Poetry Artist Extraordinaire.  CASSANDRA SWAN is an internationally acclaimed, widely published, award-winning poet, author, artist, revolutionary, visionary, political activist, medium, clairvoyant, PhD student and former highly successful hypnotherapist. She delves deep into the human mind and condition in her intimate, confessional poetry to explore the human psyche utilising voices, landscapes, characters, images, emblems, motifs, myths, symbols and archetypes, which embrace death and re-birth. This collection of selected works reaches back as far as her adolescence. Some of her works are tragic, humoresque, ironic; some serve as a map to her own unique, imagistic journey, addressing existential, social, sexual, emotional and synchronistic insights, which emerge as an awareness of the unavoidable stages of life from puberty through to middle-age.  Currently acclaimed Swan  has been awarded a collaborative  project  with  Margot  Fonteyn  Ballet Academy.  The Collaboration Project is based on Cassandra Swan s controversial epic poem, “Candy Cotton Kid and the Faustian Wolf” a THEORY on the LIFE and SUICIDE of AMERICAN POET, SYLVIA PLATH.

Time of the Poet with Karel Alexei Leyva Ferrer

Time of the  Poet Republic continues  to  profile  excellence and feature literary prowess. Today our digital wall papers are graced by an Accomplished Cuban Literary Arts Cultures Curator. Acclaimed Writer and  Award Winning  Poet KAREL ALEXEI LEYVA FERRER.Cuban specialist of the Havana International Poetry Festival.Vice President of the literary group Aladécima of the Iberoamerican Center of the Tenth and the Improvised Verse. For his Literary work won first Prize in the national erotic poetry contest Farraluque in its 5th and 10th edition in 2001 and 2006, third prize in the contest ,National Poetry Regino Pedroso from the newspaper Trabajadores in 2004 .And the International PrizeNosside Caribe Poetry in 2005, among other recognitions. He has published the Agape Inconexo notebooks (Edit Hipocampo 2001), Tidal changes 2 (Ediciones Naderau 2005 and Santiago 2008), Everyday Scenes (South Collection 2010 editions), Successions (La murmurante collection, La Alcatraz publishing house, Toluca Mexico, 2015), Stained Glass (Sur collection, 2020); aparase included in the anthologies Cuban Poetry of Today (Edit. Group 0, Spain, 1994), Nine poets and a stanza (Edit. Language of Viper, Cuba, 2001), Where too much light (Edit. Language of Viper, Cuba, 2001), Anthology of poetry Abrace (Abrace,Uruguay, 2006), Other islands (Cuberat, Cuba - Italy, 2008), This prison of pure air (Casa editorial Abril Cuba, 2010)

IMAGINING LIFE AFTER COVID-19 with Our Poet Laureate G Jamie Dedes.

“The WOMAWORDS press June Edition is to be edited by our Poet Laureate and USA Associate to the WOMAWORDS Hall of Fame, Jamie Dedes.“The call is open to women poets from May 20 through June 20.“Ten poems and poets will be selected from the submissions, which should include a short third-person bio of thirty-to-sixty words and your photograph.“Submissions to be forwarded to BOTH Mbizo Chirasha and cc’d Jamie Dedes at”.

Jabulani Mzinyathi is our Pen Slinger Par Excellence!

Internationally acclaimed and multi award wining Poet  JABULANI MZINYATHI brews yet another nerve wrecking poetic beverage and the main ingredient is rib cracking sarcasm while the colorant is the mind raving imagery. The Poet, pen slinger, word brewer vividly paints a true picture of his country, where life is now lifeless. A country in the intensive care unity. A country groaning from political tumors and moral decadence, a country infested by economic leprosy. Acclaimed Writer Mzinyathi, an unapologetic sculptor of resistance poetry. Together We  Rise!

“A Piece of the Sacred Planet”. . . and other poems in response to the last Wednesday Writing Prompt

Great blessings to you G Jamie Dedes . Great thank you for the great dedication to freedom of expression and global justice . I salute all great poets who brought their unstoppable solidarity to this great CAUSE . Aluta Continua!!!

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Lightening storm in Africa (Monrovia, Liberia), courtesy of Bethany Laird, Upsplash

“At the heart of globalization is a new kind of intolerance in the West towards other cultures, traditions and values, less brutal than in the era of colonialism, but more comprehensive and totalitarian.” Martin Jacques, British journalist, editor, academic, political commentator and author

Zimbabwean poet activist, Mbizo Chirasha, hosted this prompt on January 22, which called our attention to neocolonialism or the use in place of direct imperialism of capitalism, globalization, and cultural imperialism for the suppression of human rights by First World actors in Third World* arenas: Africa, Asia, Latin America. Admittedly this was a difficult challenge, especially for those who don’t live in a Third World country or if Third World issues aren’t something closely followed. Hence, we didn’t consistently make the target but we do have a thoughtful pointed collection to share today that emphasizes issues of poverty…

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James Coburn’s Poetry Dish  tastes of   African Politics of  RESISTANCE.

JAMES COBURN ’s free style verses are pregnant with reason , emotion and mesmerizing rhythm . Coburn is a day by day  poet serializing human experiences and earthly happenings with a willing pen. His diction is creatively economized, while the expression is satirically delicious, meaning is creamed   with metaphoric opulence and reason is dipped  in  paradox. The Imagery is beautiful and proudly portrays signals and symbols with that astonishing poetic exuberance. The delivery is  organic, original like a fertile womb yet to be born. EXLUSIVE! The poet in Coburn is a griot of his land and a singer for his people. Ironically Coburn’s poetry dishes taste African politics and protests for justice. Some ingredients of reason, experience and emotion are borrowed from African Poets of resistance. We live under one universe despite demographical and geographical parameters. I always say, James Coburn is an Africa Griot in Oklahoma. Happy Great Year of 2020. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

Freedom Voices Poetry Writing Prize 2019

An Ode for Cadres of resistance ( Human Rights , anti-imperialistic , anti apartheid , freedom of expression , fight for political justice , right to economic justice and right to social inclusion) Ken Saro Wiwa for movement for the survival of Ogoni people ( Nigeria) Dedan Kimathi (Kenyan liberation struggle) Steve Biko (fighting inequalities in South African apartheid) Lookout Masuku (fighting for political justice in Zimbabwe) Charles Dambudzo Marechera (PenSlinger of Truth in Zimbabwe) Ambuya Nehanda (medium spirit of Chimurenga (war of liberation) in Zimbabwe) Ruth First (South African fighter for civil rights) Winnie Madikizela Mandela (Fighter for political and economic rights in South Africa) Itai Dzamara ( fighter for human rights and freedom of expression in Zimbabwe) Freedom Nyamubaya( gunslinger during war of liberation ,poet against dictatorship regime in Zimbabwe)